The Challenges and Keys to Successful Selling in 2011

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Challenges are mounting for sales teams: higher quotas, changing metrics, and new channels in which to sell. The problem is that these changes can get in the way of salespeople doing what they do best, which is selling. To better understand this  conundrum, BigMachines recently conducted a benchmark survey, identifying the key factors that drive sales teams, as well as the roadblocks they encounter. The results uncovered widespread, inefficient processes and the fact that few organizations actually take the steps necessary to ensure that their sales teams have the tools and information they need to address their challenges.

Here are some key findings:
  • Two thirds of those surveyed pointed to a disconnect between sales and marketing in their companies, when in fact, these two departments must work in tandem in order to be successful. If the lines of communication are broken, opportunities may be missed, errors can occur, and deals can even be lost.
  • Half of all respondents said that their ability to meet sales goals is the key factor in growing their businesses. These individuals recognize the significance of their own job, yet at the same time, they are acutely aware of the shortcomings of their tools and processes.
  • Nearly 40 percent of respondents said they are leveraging B2B ecommerce within their organization, and many are taking advantage of leading ecommerce solution providers for the tools and implementation expertise.
We believe that there is a systematic shift happening in business. Organizations are becoming aware of the need to tap into new sales channels, but they often do so without adequate planning. Business-tobusiness (B2B) ecommerce is gaining increasing interest and adoption as a way to expand sales channels. Multichannel selling is a great path to increase revenue, but sales executives can't tackle every channel--online, offline, mobile, ecommerce, etc. --without the tools necessary to monitor, manage, and follow up.

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