Gas prices drive shoppers online

Allison Enright recently reported that more than 28% of U.S. consumers are shopping online because of rising gas costs (Internet Retailer).

But consumers aren't the only ones experiencing financial pain from rising fuel prices.

B2B shoppers are also looking for ways to cut costs in their purchases. While consumers are increasing their online shopping as a way to be more time-efficient and cost-efficient, so are business customers. B2B businesses that sell their products and services online are going to be better suited to sell more in this economy.

In addition, many companies are leveraging B2B e-commerce with product customization and configuration integrated into e-commerce sites, following the patterns already in place in many consumer sites. This facilitates enterprise-level purchases with the specific customizations that business customers need at no added expense.

Whether for business or personal purchases, the companies that offer their products while offering the most convenience and attention to customer needs, will be the winners in this economy (and these trends will likely continue as the economy improves).

Read Allison's article at Internet Retailer, or read a previous post from BigMachines' Godard Abel on B2B eCommerce.

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