BigMachines 2012 Product Roadmap Themes

BigIdeas conference time is my favorite time of year. I love hearing from our customers and enjoy watching them interact and learn from each other. At this year’s conference, I had the opportunity to present the BigMachines 2012 product roadmap themes. Our roadmap themes are the primary areas that BigMachines is focusing its development effort on over the next year.

The themes we presented were:

  • DIY (Do It Yourself) Admin – We will make it even easier and more intuitive to be a BigMachines administrator.
  • Out of the box modules – We will launch new product modules that allow our customers to quickly implement and capture the value of new BigMachines functionality.
  • Enterprise Agility – BigMachines will enable our users to work in a fast and flexible manner.

Surrounding all of these themes is BigMachines commitment to User Experience, Security, Scalability and Performance.

BigMachines 2012 Roadmap Themes

The Roadmap themes are developed by collaborating with our customers and partners to understand the key elements that will ensure our joint success. We used the BigIdeas conference as another opportunity to collaborate with our community on the future of BigMachines. The response was overwhelming and I am thankful to all of our community members for partnering and innovating with us. However, now that BigIdeas is behind us, I encourage all of us to continue collaborating. If you are a member of the BigMachines community, continue interacting with each other via the various opportunities BigMachines provides including: My BigIdea, Customer Success Forums, interviews with Product Managers, and of course the next BigIdeas in Europe and North America.

Thanks to all of our 400+ community members who participated. I hope to see you all next year and I look forward to innovating with you in 2012.

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