B2B eCommerce (Finally) Realizes Its Potential

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Over the past decade, BtoC eCommerce has changed the landscape of selling products as leaders like Amazon.com have brought eCommerce to the mainstream — and the numbers are growing.

A 2009 survey of online consumer behavior conducted by Harris Interactive found that 48% of US online adults say that they are now conducting more online transactions than they did in the past. In the UK, the number is even higher as 53% of online adults say they are making more purchases online, with the ability to compare products and prices cited by 74% of these as the main reason.


  • Fact: Consumers now expect products and services to be instantly available, comparable, and configurable to meet their needs online.
  • Fact: Consumers expect fast, intuitive shopping fulfillment.
  • Fact: The web provides consumers instant search results for any products or services along with real-time pricing information across eCommerce sites. Increased product choices and purchasing options are easily available from an expanding global market.
  • Fact: The business world has lagged behind in leveraging the internet for streamlining sales with BtoB eCommerce.

Businesses still rely primarily on inefficient direct and channel sales strategies supported by legacy selling tools and cumbersome enterprise software tools rather than providing their business customers the same intuitive online experience available to consumers.  We expect that over the next decade businesses will bridge this gap and deliver increasingly intuitive eCommerce tools to their business customer

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