B2B eCommerce

Business is booming in the online world, with a 12.6% increase in sales in 2010 as a result of increased Internet connectivity thanks to smart phones, moblie hot spots and tablets.

Yet with close to $180 billion being exchanged online, B2B sales organizations are far behind their B2C counterparts when it comes to adopting this new medium.

B2B sales organizations often struggle to create sales quotes for complex products or multi-leveled service options, high volume orders and customize, contract pricing. How do you increase revenue without further complicating your business process? BigMachines has the answer!

Enable Direct Selling to Business Customers on Your Website

The B2B eCommerce Engine includes modules for online product catalogs, guided selling, product configuration, shopping cart, order management, reporting, interface personalization, web lead capture and ecommerce suite integration

Make it Simple for Self-Service!

Now you can give your customers access to the same tools that are used by your sales channels enabling you to really streamline the sales process. Your customers can also rate products, submit reviews, and even post comments to social networks.

Familiar & Intuitive eCommerce Search and Comparisons

BigMachines B2B eCommerce solution offers multiple ways to guide the selection process for your customers. Scroll through product images or use our enhanced search filters to narrow your product search. Use the Compare feature to view products or services side-by-side and compare features, pricing and accessories.


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